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I never thought I would pay for this . . . January 30, 2008

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therapy.jpgPlay therapy.  A whole lot of money per hour for “play therapy”.  Okay, up the up side, staple boy thought it was awesome (his words) and maybe it will help with some of the struggles we have been having – school, home, etc.  On the down side, I am paying a whole lot of money for him to play video games and stuff to talk to someone most likely about how I screwed him up.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of therapy, I’m no Tom Cruise.  LOL!  But geeesh. 

Play therapy . . . lawdhamercy. 


“Gone Country” Starts Tonight! January 25, 2008

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Bobby and SisQo and Marsha- Oh My!


Ok, I know this is wrong but . . .

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Why am I sitting here laughing uncontollaby at Jeff Conoway and his girlfriend fighting on Celebrity Rehab?  Her yelling, “So, you’re wheeling away from me . . .” and him turning that chair manually and going away slower than she can walk past him while she repeats it is killing me!  LOL!  Ohmigawd, this is liek the crack head version of, “RUN FORREST!”   ROTFLMAO!


Bush’s Economic Stimulus Plan . . . January 24, 2008

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Am I the only one who this makes a little nervous.  Especially lump sum payouts that increase the deficit like the one described below.

“Under the deal, nearly everyone who earned a paycheck in 2007 would receive at least $300 from the Internal Revenue Service — $103 billion in total. Most people would receive rebates of $600 each, or $1,200 per couple. Families with children would receive an additional payment of $300 per child. Workers who earned at least $3,000 last year — but not enough to pay income taxes — would be eligible for $300. ”

Overall, 117 million families would receive rebate checks, including 35 million with earnings too low to have qualified under an earlier Bush proposal that limited checks to income tax payers. Rebates would be limited, however, to single taxpayers with adjusted gross income up to $75,000 — up to $150,000 for couples. Above that, the benefit would phase out until hitting zero for individuals with adjusted income of about $87,000, $174,000 for couples.

The money would be borrowed and would increase the federal deficit. ” –

Ok, so people get a little check and spend it on who knows what.  So a bunch of stores have a sale and people go and blow them there, a couple of folks delay having their gas cut off by an extra couple of weeks.  How much stimulation will the economy REALLY get at the expense of the overall budget especially while we are in the midst of a long, costly war. 

I am still mulling over this one.  What do you think?


This is for the Old TV Heads . . .

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Angie and Jessie are back on All My Children?!!

Angie, ok I get it.  She never died or anything, she just kind of randomly shows up every 10 or 15 years.  But Jessie, didn’t we see him die twice!  Didn’t they bury his azz?!

Ok, all that said . . .  You know I am gonna watch it and I had pretty much given up on AMC.  I always have a relative idea of what’s going on, but its not on my must list.  I just kinda feel obligated to keep up because I was “boan and raized” on it.  I remember being like 5 or 6 and watching all of them just sitting around at the table drinking coffee.  That is pretty much all that happened.  They drank coffee, ate, someone slept with someone, Erica would do a photo shoot, someone would hate on her, the end. 


I was waiting for him to toss up a black gloved fist . . . January 22, 2008

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Talk about an entertaining debate.  I just loved it when John Edwards treated both Obama and Clinton like sparring children and reminding the moderator that there was actually a question on the floor about the economy and that the race was not about the “personalities” but the country.  Loved it “dad”.  LOL!  He followed that up with a very interesting stance regarding the lending crisis and African Americans. 

Courtesy of a quick pen and TIVO:

Moderator:  Senator Edwards, lets dig a little deeper on the economic mess we’re in currently.  Uh, in 2006, a study from the Center for responsible Lending (I swear there is a center for everything) found that African Americans are something like 30% more likely to be sold a sub-prime home loan than white borrowers with similar credit histories and income.  The South carolina NAACP said last month that the “Amercian Dream” for too many Americans, too many African Americans is a national nightmare.  The National NAACP has even filed a class action lawsuit against 12 nationwide lenders.  So the bottom line question is, do you believe that lenders have specifically targeted African americans.  is this sub-prime mess really also an issue of race.

Sen. Edwards:  Yes is the answer.  (Awww snap!  Eyes popping out of my head, the man didn’t even flinch or hesitate!)  I think they have targeted . . . if they haven’t been racially motivated I don’t know, I can’t there is no way for me to know what’s inside their head.  (OK, stumbled a little there, but he brings it home folks.  LOL!)  But what they have done is they have targeted the lowest income, most vulnerable families.  And anybody who’s paying any attention to what’s going on in America today understands that if you are African American in this country today, you are likely to have a net worth of about 10% of what white families have.  This is NOT an accident.  (Ok, now before ya’ll start trippin, he said Likely, not everyone.)  We can put our heads against the wall and pretend that the past  never happened, pretend that we didn’t live through decades of slavery (ok, so it was more like scores, alright centures, but I still like where he is going), followed by decades of segragation, followed by decades of discrimination, which is still going on today.  That history and that legacy has consequences.  and the consequence has been that african American familes are more vulnerable, they’re more vulnerable to payday lender, more vulnerable to predatory lenders, which is why we desperately need a national law, which I propose, which would crack down on these pay day lenders .  .  .  

He went on from there regarding his proposal. 

I was literally sitting on the floor trippin.  Go ahead John Edwards, I ain’t mad at you.  You are in your home state, you lost it the last time, and this time you are giving it everything you got.  Watch out for Bubba an ‘nem though, cause they made sure my cousin’s high school still had a segregated prom as recently as 1989.

So, what do you think about last night?


Is it a male thing, a kid thing, a bad mommy thing. . . January 18, 2008

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My son just won’t stop it with the lying about well, pretty much anything.  I mean for the entire first semester he had his teacher convinced he was born in Germany.  Why?  No reason, just cuz.   When asked about his staples by his teacher, he told er aniron fell on it, and when she asked him how it happened, he said, “It happens all the time.”  WTH?!  I am surprised the authorities didn’t come to my house.  He wasn’t even at home when it happened.  A year or so ago when discussing careers in his class, he told them I worked at Giant.  And the list goes on.

Now one issue that I am sure contributed to it early on is that he and his dad basically have had this us against her thing since before he can remember.  So, things like letting him sneak out of bed, going to fast food restuarants before dinner, and one of the toppers – getting dressed for church, not going and coming home and lying about it right down to my 5 year old telling me who he saw there.   And the list goes on . . .     Mentioning time and time again that this teaches him that lying is ok because among other things if you lie to your momma all the time who can’t you lie to, daddy does it and is often your co-conspiratior, and kids don’t have the discerment to distinguish between “little white lies” and the “big ones”; falls on deaf ears and I am just “over reacting”. 

I am struggling getting little Mr. Creative through grammar school, meanwhile he is earning a PH.D. in Linguistic Duplicity.