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Is it a male thing, a kid thing, a bad mommy thing. . . January 18, 2008

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My son just won’t stop it with the lying about well, pretty much anything.  I mean for the entire first semester he had his teacher convinced he was born in Germany.  Why?  No reason, just cuz.   When asked about his staples by his teacher, he told er aniron fell on it, and when she asked him how it happened, he said, “It happens all the time.”  WTH?!  I am surprised the authorities didn’t come to my house.  He wasn’t even at home when it happened.  A year or so ago when discussing careers in his class, he told them I worked at Giant.  And the list goes on.

Now one issue that I am sure contributed to it early on is that he and his dad basically have had this us against her thing since before he can remember.  So, things like letting him sneak out of bed, going to fast food restuarants before dinner, and one of the toppers – getting dressed for church, not going and coming home and lying about it right down to my 5 year old telling me who he saw there.   And the list goes on . . .     Mentioning time and time again that this teaches him that lying is ok because among other things if you lie to your momma all the time who can’t you lie to, daddy does it and is often your co-conspiratior, and kids don’t have the discerment to distinguish between “little white lies” and the “big ones”; falls on deaf ears and I am just “over reacting”. 

I am struggling getting little Mr. Creative through grammar school, meanwhile he is earning a PH.D. in Linguistic Duplicity. 


4 Responses to “Is it a male thing, a kid thing, a bad mommy thing. . .”

  1. Fergie Says:

    I was trying to think of something clever to type, but I got nothing…Just figure out all the ins and outs so by the time we have one I can call you for some sound advice.

    *Oh, I got something…Well at least now you got a side kick, but knowing those men in your house they will have her on their side too.

    *Okay no he didn’t tell the class you worked at Giant. Hey, better Giant than a paper route.

  2. jden723 Says:

    Girl, now you know you are wrong with the paper route thing! LOL!

  3. Girlfriend Says:

    You must live in an parallel universe, ’cause I think we have the same son!…My son basically been on chill mode in school, he skinin’ and grinin’ with his team members after school when he ‘sposed to be in study hall doing work…so his grades are in the toilet, so he ’bout to git his black azz “traded” off his basketball team and kicked out of his advanced placement program…so his clever azz tells his bleeding heart science teacher and coach, when they ask is there a problem at home, he jumps at the opportunity and tells them “yes”… Yes? What? Like a fish taking bait, he goes…”Well my mom used to work for a law firm but it went out of business, then she started her own practice and now she is closing that down”…so they decide since “he” is having problems at homel to “work” with his azz. He might as well have put a swinging piece of jewelry in front of their faces and said, “You are gettin’ sleeeepy, when I snap my fingers you will be under my controoollll…” So, he gets a pass! No getting benced, no getting put out of advanced placement…nothing but sympathy. For what? Because I’m unemployed? What that got to do with him….his lifesteeloo ain’t changed. He ain’t got to pay no bills. He ain’t got to rob Tyrone to pay Tyreek. He done played them fools at school. So I find out by mistake that all this has been said. I’m looking at the science teacher like “what that got to do with Babyboy?” and he lookin’ back at me like ….(long pause)…”well, I don’t know mam”…. I wanted to tell that dummy, “well, Sir, it wasn’t any problems at home ‘fo you told me what this knucklehead done said, but there definitely is gone be some problems at home now….”

    So now I got a psp, a playstation, a bunch of video games and a cool new phone…’cause Babyboy is on lockdown…

    Sorry ’bout the long comment, I had to get that off my chest!

  4. jden723 Says:

    Girlfriend! OMG, so now you telling me its gonna be like this foreva eva . . . My knucklehead is only 8. But then again his daddy is 36. UGH!
    I mean, they lie about small stuff, bug stuff and everything in between. And girl, my son turns on the waterworks with those big brown eyes of his and folks don’t have a chance. In his most recent incident in school, after calling me in and basically the whole thing becoming like he invaded Iraq or something, the VP actually told me that she ended up consoling and hugging him beause he was so torn up about it. I am like What about me?! I was so blown away from everything that during the meeting, his principal said, “Look at your mother, she is so shocked,s he is speechless!”

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