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Ok, I know this is wrong but . . . January 25, 2008

Filed under: Celebrities,Pop Culture,That ish is funny to me!,TV — jden723 @ 12:51 am

Why am I sitting here laughing uncontollaby at Jeff Conoway and his girlfriend fighting on Celebrity Rehab?  Her yelling, “So, you’re wheeling away from me . . .” and him turning that chair manually and going away slower than she can walk past him while she repeats it is killing me!  LOL!  Ohmigawd, this is liek the crack head version of, “RUN FORREST!”   ROTFLMAO!


2 Responses to “Ok, I know this is wrong but . . .”

  1. J. Fergie Says:

    ok, so i JUST started watching the show this week. it’s sooo ridiculous. sad, really. what is UP with the Jeff guy? shouldn’t he be in a hospital? did you see when Dr. Drew woke him up from his nightmare? sad, sad, sad.

  2. jden723 Says:

    The whole thing is crazy. Now you have got to catch one of those marathons they are constantly showing and see episode 1 especially. That one really gives you all the “meat and potatoes” of everyone’s situation. Jeff in particular takes so many drugs and stuff he nor the girlfriend can even pinpoint what. He still wants to be a star, so basically he is a star on the rehab circuit.

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