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A party fit for MY princess! February 26, 2008

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my-lawn.jpgA friend of ours decorated the lawn to welcome all to our baby ANTM’s party! 

look-at-me.jpg  Of course you have to check out ANTM’s crown. 

 set-up.jpg  This was the set up for the party in the sun room.  Basically they ate there and played EVERYWHERE ELSE!  LOL!  It pretty much ended up being where the parents hung out.

in-my-own-train.jpgmy-shushy-train.jpg  Staple Boy insisted on building ANTM a shushybye dream train (her theme was SHUSHYBYE Baby – a show on babyfirst TV).  She and a lifelong friend of mine’s daughter looked adorable in it.  I have a feeling that 16 years from now, they will be giving us the same look from the front seat of a car for different reasons.  LOL! 

my-bro-cuz-and-me.jpg   Statple boy, ANTM and special cousin T chillin after the guests leave.

my-cousin-takes-me-home.jpg  Special Cousin T aids ANTM in her grand exit after the festivities end.    Shushybye and Goodnight!


I know you have been waiting for it . . . February 20, 2008

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My take on the latest crop of reality TV.

Well, I must admit, I have been watching Flavor of Love and Rock of Love.  I have only been doing it for you though.  LOL!  I swear.

The Bad Girls Club:  When watching this show, I am so blown away that half the time, I get out of my bed (usually catch the late-night viewing) on my knees worshipping at my TV altar.  There is a big chick named Tanisha who talks like a dude, has a bad weave, and her primary words are, “Pimp down”, “Son” (followed by or preceded by whatever), and the now infamous “POP OFF!”   You know its bad when there is a fight and it’s the white girl’s weave that ends up on the ground!  I don’t know who’s worse, the whore group, the “hyena sisters”, or the Erika Badu wanabee 4 time jailbird thief Lyric – part-time poet, part-time criminal, part-time ho, full-time bullshyter.  I was happy to see her go, even if it was in a self-righteous fashion if for no other reason than her annoying hypocrisy.  If you wanted to use the show for a little exposure, I am not gonna hate, but just be real with it.  Don’t get there, complete with bad girl criminal credentials and somehow act like you are better than the rest of your fellow “girls gone wild” rejects.


Big Brother:  I must admit, I didn’t start watching this show faithfully until maybe season 4 or 5, whatever season that was with Cowboy and Nacomis.  Once I became faithful, I was all in, 24 hour feed subscription and all.  (That first year I needed some serious distractions in my life FOR REAL!)  I think I am prepared to go on record and say that while this house may not have the best  “game players” (most likely because of the “twist” this year of CBS partnering people up against their will), this is the craziest bunch yet.  The scheming is on a whole other level.  The venom is palpable and began within  the first few days.  The show has only been airing 10 days now and by day 8, there was a full blown blow out complete with every curse word you can imagine all directed at one person.  The person was berated so badly that I watched with my hands over my eyes, and I didn’t like the girl either!  Let’s put it this way, you know things are ugly when someone is told to just go find a noose and the person next to them picks up the ball and follows up with “like your father”.  And yes folks . . .  her dad did commit suicide.  OUCH!  By the way, no need for feeds anymore.  The Showtime After Dark stuff is really all you need.  The three hour block that its on is pretty much prime time in the house because its like 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. their time, so they are chillin after a long day of competitions and stuff.  They are relaxing in the hot tub, getting their drink on, etc., so everything is pretty much on the table – blow ups, hook-ups, planning and scheming, etc.  And Parker looks like Sideshow Bob with that hair.  By the way, he and Allison have a right to be pyssed, CBS basically sabotaged their chances by putting them with partners who were a couple.  (An inside reference for those who are watching.)  For those of you who are watching, I did miss something – where the heck did Joshua’s partner go and why is Sharon back in the house???

Dare I say it . . . okay I will:

Flavor of Love 3 and Rock of Love 2:  Really, I am only doing this for ya’ll.  LOL!

Let’s start with ROL2 – I am going to take a quote from one of my new favorite morning show hosts Larry and Keith from OutQ – The Rock of Love chicks are so triflin they make the Flavor of Love chicks look at them and say daaaaayuuum.   Basically I don’t even think there is even an attempt to pretend that these “women” are anything other than hagged out strippers and way over the hill groupies.  I mean the jacked up groupies who can’t even force a hummer on the 2nd string roadies.  This season there was one woman (Frenchie) who I actually don’t think was a woman at all.  At the end of the day, like Flav, Brett Michaels (who I am pretty sure is bald under that ever present bandana and looks like the skeletor woman in the bathtub from “The Shinning” without all the make-up), isn’t looking for love.  He proved that with his choice last season, which is what made the reunion show even more awesome when the young’un dogged him out.

As for Flavor of Love 3:  More loud-mouthed man-whores, ghetto drama, scary toothed twins (aptly named Thing 1 & Thing 2 – I’m serious ya’ll), and “ladies” who don’t know how to spell Flavor Flav.  And did I mention that Flav has a problem with people touching his face?  Shouldn’t he be grateful to have anyone willing to touch his California fried raisin troll lookin’ azz at all?  Need I say more.

More to come . . .   Stay tuned for my take on Paradise Hotel 2, ANTM, American Idol, Real World/Road Rules and much more . . .

Okay, a quickie on American Idol:  I love this show, and they are killing it.  So many of them suck.  And when will they just admit that Paula is high?  And so is Randy for that matter for producing Paula’s record.


Lenox Lewis Calls Omorosa Ghetto . . . February 14, 2008

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Never Let a Crackhead Sing at Your Funeral February 13, 2008

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Why won’t she stay away from my underwear? February 9, 2008

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Why won’t she stay away from my underwear?!
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Wow! It was so exciting, I was up all night! February 6, 2008

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Super Tuesday was a blast.  I sat up until the wee hours watching the returns, guessing and calling people and all kinds of good stuff.  Heck, I even had snacks.  And my late night companion . . . my mother-in-law.  Go figure.  Well, she fell asleep a few times, and she thinks G.W. might actually have been a good president, but she was willing to listen to me pontificate half the night, so I can’t hate.  (Well, maybe on the GW thing.)  We commented on how frighteningly pulled back John McCain’s wife looked and we amen and mmm hmmmed our way through Barak Obama’s speech.  (Michelle wore a bad suit by the way.)  We missed Hillary Clinton’s speech, we were watching Nip/Tuck in between (hey, gotta have some levity).  I agreed and disagreed with the talking heads and watched practically holding my breath as the Missouri retunrs were posted.  I also laughed when CNN mentioned over and over how “notoriously slow” the cities and urban areas of Missouri count.  You just knew they were killing themselves to not say St. Louis even counts votes on CP time.  LOL! 

By the way, what the heck is up with “super delegates”?  Why are some people super?  Do they have special powers?  I would be pyssed if I was a delagate and told I could nto be “SUPER”.  LOL!   

It was a great night.  It started getting this old poli sci major’s political juices flowing again.  Its been a long time since politics were sexy to me.  For quite some time, I have been just pyssed off.  I always vote so I can complain, but wholly uninspired.  I am feeling tingly now.  I have watched, I have waited, listened and read,  not said much because I just wanted to feel folks out (as in candidates, I don’t care what other dunderheads think).  Now, I am getting in the groove.  I don’t know if I am ready to go out in the rain and knock on doors on election day the way I did in 92, I may be a bit too old for that one.  But I am getting pumped up! 


Does she have pictures of an executive … February 4, 2008

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at Fox doing a sheep or something?!  I mean really, what does she have on these people, has someone sold their soul to the devil and it just happens to be her?!  You guessed it folks, I am talking about the Paula Abdul performance during the superbowl pre-show.  If I had never seen the show “Hey Paula”, which reinforces just how truley kooky this chica is, I would not have believed that it was serious.  And Randy Jackson, despite his cartoonish use fo the english language and wannabe gang signs on American Idol, he is an established prodcuer of well respected artists.  What the he!! was he thinking?  Does she have something on him too?  It was so bad, I was hoping that “Skat Cat” was gonna come out and tap dance with her or something, it would have at least made it entertaining instead of just sad.