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To My Rock of Love Fans . . . April 14, 2008

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He did not choose Daisy!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The Amber thing is weird and their kissing quite gross, but at least he did acknowlege that he needed to take into consideration that she was closer to his age . . . that covering your bald spot with a bandana, puffer fish lip fool is 45.  Daisy just could not be tolerated.  The way she speaks, the hand gestures, the no eyeballs, the bad weave . . . it was all just too much.


OK, I know I am foul . . . April 12, 2008

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forgive me, my fellow blogophiles.  My life has been on one speed lately . . . CRAZY! 

Every day has been a series of, if I can just get through one more day.  I have been still catching all of my shows of course, courtesy of TIVO, but have not had extra time to blog about them or any of the million other things I have opinions about lately.

I will do better . . . I promise!