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I’m baaaacck . . . and sad July 29, 2008

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Thanks to those who were holding down a sista’s blog while she was gone.  : )

I was away last week and couldn’t get my computer to work right.  I missed my blog-peoples.  Unfortunately I came back to a horrible situation.  A wonderful friend went in to the hospital suddenly while I was gone and within barely 72 hours of being called that she was there, I received a call telling me she had died.  I still can’t believe it, no one can.  Health issues aside, you just don’t wanna see that coming.  There is a husband, children, family, friends, collegues.  Just legions of folks who loved her and now she is gone.

Call someone and tell them you love them today.

I will miss you Tee.  Kiss my angel for me.


Its foul as he!!, but I almost wish I had thought of it. . . July 18, 2008

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There is a site that I have heard advertised on satelite radio for a while now but until yesterday hadn’t checked out, that will help married/ “committed” people find others to hook up with!  It is a full-out “legit” pay for play service.  This mess is straight foul, but right about now a sista could use a potential big idea to make some extra $$.  These idiots (not just cause they are cheating but because they are paying $$ to find someone to do it with) are gonna do it whether I like it or not.  Now, once again, someone has scooped me on making money off of somethign people do every day but are willing to pay for the convenience of cutting out the leg work.  Once again, its foul as he!!, but I kinda wish I’d thought of it.


Open mouth, insert foot. July 17, 2008

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“I don’t think she should have won. I think it sends a bad message to our young people who are trying to get into this business, the ones who are trying to do it right and really trying to keep themselves together,” said Cole, 58. “We have to stop rewarding bad behavior.” – Natalie Cole, People February 11, 2008

Isn’t interesting how a mere 4-5 months after Natalie “I rode my dad’s corpse to a career comeback” Cole managed to get a soundbite on the news by saying that Amy “crack is NOT whack” Winehouse should not have been awarded grammys for her work because of her public drug use, it is announced that she has hepetitis C.    The virus, found during a routine examination, is likely the result of her drug use many decades ago,” her publicist Lellie Capwell said in a statement released on Wednesday.

Cole recieved her first Grammy in 1975 and documented her addiction to her addiction to cocaine, heroin and alcohol in her 2000 autobiography. 

I do commend the fact that she got clean after legnthy rehab in the early 80’s.  But I still find it particularly interesting that after she got temporary amnesia in regards to the bullshyt she did when she was relevant and put down the public acknowledgement of someone else’s accomplishments regardless of their private demons, her old chickens came home to roost. 

Which brings me to another point.  Who the heck is thinking about Natalie Cole anyway?  Why was it necessary for her to even announce it?  According to her publicist she is responding well to treatment and is bascally virus free, which would indicate to me that she has probably been in treatment for at least a few minutes.  Oh, nevermind, I just noticed, she is releasing a new album soon.  (I suppose she took a page from her girl, Star Jone’s book: if you are not in the news, release some old news, like the fact that you and your husband are separated.  In Star’s case, no one really cared so the story died just as quickly as it came.  At least Natalie can replace Pam Anderson as the new face of hepatitis and sing about it.)


Today might actually be the day . . .

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when Whoopi finally looses it and slaps the tar out of Elizabeth Hasselback.  The chick wouldn’t shut up.  First, whoopi ends the initial segment in frustration because Elizabeth wouldn’t acknowledge that Barbie looking like a ho shouldn’t have to be the end of the world as we know it.  Then she tries to argue Whoopi into submission about the word n!gger.  Whoopi was pretty much done at that point and just took her simple butt to school so “grandmomma break you down on the back porch about REAL life” that Elizabth began a tearful “we shall overcome” moment.  It was priceless.  I wanted to slap her.  Whoopi basically told her you can’t tell black people what they should and shouldn’t do about that word because you clearly don’t understand where that comes from and acknowledge that everything still isn’t the “same” for everyone.  She calaims that she did acknowledge that and Whoopi came back with “well you don’t sound like you do.”  Woo wee Whoopi!  Joy and Barbara just wanted Elizabeth to shut up and at one point Barbara basically just told her to let someone else talka nd took her to school a little bit too. 

And to think, all of this began because Fox has released some more sound bites from Jessie “mush-mouth” Jackson saying the dreaded “N” word.


Big Brother is back! Discuss BB10 with JDen July 15, 2008

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Ok, so its only been a few days, but what do you all think so far?  From what I can tell on the feeds, the old cuz (Jerry) already has some drama going on.  it seems that his initial alliance with the other dood has already fallen apart.  What do you think of Libra (the black woman who has to let you know in her every intro that she is raising Jenny and Allan Willis – for those of you who get that reference you’re my kind of people)?  Do you think she stands a chance or will her whole “I am a diva thing” that she bragged about on the pre-BB10 commercials creeps out and be her undoing in the face of the inevitable alliances between the young cool guys and the best friend clique of the bikini brigade?  What about Roid Rage guy and Dale Gribble’s dad (again, if you get that reference you are DEFINITELY my peeps)?  Is the hagged out hair dresser from New Orleans even worthy of discussion?


Ok, just read some stuff based on the feeds.  Drama jumped off between Michelle, Angie, Libra, and Jerry.  Brian and Dan are definitely doing some major scheming and one of their targets for nomination if Jerry will use the POV to do it, is to save Brian and put up somebody like Libra.  If not, they are going to try to get a tie vote and hope they can sway the house as the drama fester between Michelle, Libra, Angie and Jerry today.  Old man Jerry won HoH and POV.  Go on “old cuz “!(that will be his name for the purposes of my blog).


Some people just don’t have family . . . July 14, 2008

who will tell them when they need to sit down somewhere.  Yesterday, I had one of the greatest afternoons of people watching, a reality show maven like myself could ask for.  The America’s Next Top Model auditions hit Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, VA.  The event was hosted by the CW, of course, and “DC Celeb” (all of his info described him that way, not me) Paul Wharton.

As soon as I heard about this event, I made plans to attend with my little Naomi in training (for real ya’ll, she only likes posed pictures alone and she has been known to slap a mofo with a cellphone). 

A friend of mine rolled to the mall with us and can I say, the event DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  We got there in time for the second hour and a half.  Mr. “Justine Guarini hair in jazz pants” was all-a-flutter and giving instructions.  Each girl had to walk the “catwalk,” give her name, her age, height (minimum was supposed to be 5’7”), and some other little nugget if they chose.  Based on how most of them were even dressed I couldn’t figure out if most of them have even seen the show.  Flowy outfits, baggy jeans, club dresses, sneakers, and hair in the face was just the beginning.  They also were various grades of mis-shaped, not fitting into traditional model size or plus-sized, too short and sometimes a bit too too.  There were women who might be men (and not in a good way), folks with skin so bad you could see it from 30 people deep.  I mean I don’t even know if make-up could help like 2-3 of these women, they might have been burn victims.  And no, I don’t feel bad talking about them.  They were willing to be on TV for public consumption and ridicule (not to mention Tyra’s foolishness), I just happened to catch them parading their delusions at the mall.  There were maybe two girls who got up there making statements about showing the world you don’t have to be a whore or look slutty or whatever.  Have you seen the show?  Have you seen the naked challenge they do every season, sometimes twice?  If hell froze over, the sun exploded, and pigs started flying past your butt and you became a model, what the he!! do you think you will be wearing?  I could go on . . .

At the end of the day I have to ask myself:  Who’s fault is it that these girls think they are models.  They were not all amish girls on rumspringa who have never seen TV or magazines and don’t know what the generally accepted standards are.  I am not saying the generally accepted standards of American beauty aren’t problematic, especially given that I am an African American woman, but that is a discussion for another day.  Sure, Tyra definitely makes some questionable choices.  Her whole last season was one big question mark, right down to the winner.  I’m not hatin’ on the big girls, I just don’t think Whitney was the one to hang her hat on making a statement in that department.  Have we allowed our children to become so narcissistic that they don’t know when to sit down somewhere.  Have too many guys trying to get some azz told these girls, “you should be a model.”  I mean dayum, I am all for pumping yourself up, cause if you don’t do it, someone else might not either.  I love me some me too, but I also know when my behind needs to sit down some dayum where.


Miss USA busts her azz on stage . . . July 13, 2008

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 Isn’t the whole point of being in the darn Miss Universe pageant is to be able to walk on stage in your fancy dress.  And to add insult to injury, Ms. Stewart’s dress had the least skirt material than pretty much every other finalist.  All of these women come out in dress that had layers and layers of flowing material.  Several of them had some many beautiful layers of skirt and train they did “Mahagony” spins (shout out for you Diana) on stage.  First, they have to call her twice, then when she appears, her dress is pretty simple on the bottom with a skirt that is barely a wisp or two of material.  And then she steps out to begin her walk and literally falls on her azz on the first step.  To her credit, she did get right up, clap, keep smiling and walking.  She still managed to score a 8.050.  Miss Italy must feel real salty, she came out a few people after her, managed not to bust HER azz and only scored a 7.729.

By the way, some of them had some pretty naked dresses.  Miss Dominican Republic pretty much had on a sheer body stocking with strategically placed bling and Miss Mexico’s dress was pretty much a sheer flesh collored top with some well placed crystals and a flowing skirt attached.  Not sure if that would fly in the Miss America pageant.  But this one is run by Donald Trump.  Its only a matter of time before any number of participants gets caught doing something that ultimately leads to playboy anyway.