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I’m awake! October 17, 2014

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I suppose its not necessary for me to say that I’m literally awake because, hello, its 1:38 a.m.

I guess part of it is that I am waking up this blog.  Something that I have been wanting to do for so long but haven’t done.  I’m not even sure why really.  Lord knows I have something to say about darn near everything all the time.  But at a certain point, I just stopped saying it.  Sure, I give endless commentaries about award shows and pop culture of Facebook and the umpteen twitter pages I run.  But THIS page is my house.  And its time I take it back (my life and the page),

Don’t be afraid, I will still talk about the profoundly stupid that we all enjoy.  But i also look forward to sharing my original works as I move every closer to my goal of becoming a published author.  (Or Authoress as Maya used to say on the TV Show “Girlfriends” – for some reason I always though that was cute, despite Golden Brooks’ questionable acting.)

So, if you are down for a trip, join me for the one that is My Life.  And if you are new to this blog, enjoy the posts of the past.  The ones about my mother-in-law and “the marriage bubble” are classic if I do say so myself.

Talk to you soon,



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