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A party fit for MY princess! February 26, 2008

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my-lawn.jpgA friend of ours decorated the lawn to welcome all to our baby ANTM’s party! 

look-at-me.jpg  Of course you have to check out ANTM’s crown. 

 set-up.jpg  This was the set up for the party in the sun room.  Basically they ate there and played EVERYWHERE ELSE!  LOL!  It pretty much ended up being where the parents hung out.

in-my-own-train.jpgmy-shushy-train.jpg  Staple Boy insisted on building ANTM a shushybye dream train (her theme was SHUSHYBYE Baby – a show on babyfirst TV).  She and a lifelong friend of mine’s daughter looked adorable in it.  I have a feeling that 16 years from now, they will be giving us the same look from the front seat of a car for different reasons.  LOL! 

my-bro-cuz-and-me.jpg   Statple boy, ANTM and special cousin T chillin after the guests leave.

my-cousin-takes-me-home.jpg  Special Cousin T aids ANTM in her grand exit after the festivities end.    Shushybye and Goodnight!


Why won’t she stay away from my underwear? February 9, 2008

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Why won’t she stay away from my underwear?!
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I never thought I would pay for this . . . January 30, 2008

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therapy.jpgPlay therapy.  A whole lot of money per hour for “play therapy”.  Okay, up the up side, staple boy thought it was awesome (his words) and maybe it will help with some of the struggles we have been having – school, home, etc.  On the down side, I am paying a whole lot of money for him to play video games and stuff to talk to someone most likely about how I screwed him up.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of therapy, I’m no Tom Cruise.  LOL!  But geeesh. 

Play therapy . . . lawdhamercy. 


Is it a male thing, a kid thing, a bad mommy thing. . . January 18, 2008

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My son just won’t stop it with the lying about well, pretty much anything.  I mean for the entire first semester he had his teacher convinced he was born in Germany.  Why?  No reason, just cuz.   When asked about his staples by his teacher, he told er aniron fell on it, and when she asked him how it happened, he said, “It happens all the time.”  WTH?!  I am surprised the authorities didn’t come to my house.  He wasn’t even at home when it happened.  A year or so ago when discussing careers in his class, he told them I worked at Giant.  And the list goes on.

Now one issue that I am sure contributed to it early on is that he and his dad basically have had this us against her thing since before he can remember.  So, things like letting him sneak out of bed, going to fast food restuarants before dinner, and one of the toppers – getting dressed for church, not going and coming home and lying about it right down to my 5 year old telling me who he saw there.   And the list goes on . . .     Mentioning time and time again that this teaches him that lying is ok because among other things if you lie to your momma all the time who can’t you lie to, daddy does it and is often your co-conspiratior, and kids don’t have the discerment to distinguish between “little white lies” and the “big ones”; falls on deaf ears and I am just “over reacting”. 

I am struggling getting little Mr. Creative through grammar school, meanwhile he is earning a PH.D. in Linguistic Duplicity. 


Losing the Wind in your sail . . . January 16, 2008

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A little over a week ago, I made a major life changing decision regarding my career.  I was feeling the full rush of emotions you always feel when doing that, like excitement combined with wanting to throw up.  LOL!   But alas, being a wife and mother doesn’t allow you to rest on your haunches for a few moments to savor the moment and once again you feel literally punched in the gut and the wind completely knocked out of you with the latest crisis.  Now, I feel so deflated that I can hardly muster up the energy, let alone the excitement to continue to move forward with my venture despite making a couple of calculated moves (that cost money as well).  I am doing it, but not with the same ferver, the same zeal, and well . . . the same wind in my sail. 


The Marriage Bubble, Single Friends, and other stuff . . . January 5, 2008

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This is my first utter.  it grew out of a great conversation I was having with Barrister.  Enjoy! 

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CSI New Years: 3 boys, a closet, an iron, and a head injury January 2, 2008

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Well technically the only things we know for sure is that there were 3 boys (ages: almost 4, 7 and 8), an iron (blood was found on the device), and a head injury.  The closet part is still sketchy.  Hell, the who story is sketchy. 

At aproximatly 11:30 a.m. on New Year’s day, my 7 year old cousin comes down stairs and calmly informs the adults that my son (the 8 year old) is “hurt”.  We didn’t hear any crying and he didn’t appear particularly panicked, so my husband and cousin (7 year old’s dad) mosey upstairs to “get the boys in line”.  Within seconds of their arrival, the crying starts . . . LOUD and I know that cry.  Its the “there is an emergency room visit is in your future”. 

So far I have heard that cry 3 times prior resulting in 3 separate ER visits with total of 17 stiches and skin glue . . . all head injuries.  I am pretty sure its because his head is big so he leads with it whenever he falls.  Our ER routine since visit number 3 is that only one of us goes.  The other needs to be home to bail the other one out in case someone finally stops believing our kid’s head is a gash magnet and files abuse charges.

Of course when I yell upstairs asking if he needs to go to the ER, the men are “cleaning” his head an dmaking their own medical assessment.  Mom has to check for herself.  Wel, J’s head was busted, a nasty gash on the left side towards the back above his ear.  The moms determined that he needed to go to the ER.  The dads were ordered to take him to urgent care. 

Did I mention that while all of this was going on the 10 month old was downstairs in her walker trying to reach the Wii controllers?  I guess she figured that since no one was looking, she would get in some bowling.

The fellas were gone for 3 hours.  We later found out that there was a family of 6 with food poisoning causing quite a stir at the urgent care center.  J received 3 staples in his head.  Oh joy, he was supposed to get his hair cut this week.  Great, my child will be a bamma for the next month. 

Meanwhile, back at home, the mommies began investigating.  According to the almost 4 year old (WR) it was all about him with a little amnesia thrown in.  J and the 7 year old (R4) were being mean to him and he’s not sure what happened next but then J was bleeding.  According to R4, J was the architect of his own demise.  J apparently decided that they should hide from WR.  R4 conveyed that he told J that he “didn’t think that was such a good idea”.  The next thing you know, J may or may not have been in the closet and an iron fell on his head.  Mind you, if these three ever mulled over what was or was not a good idea they wouldn’t spend most of their time alternately crying, telling on one another, fighting, and getting into trouble together.  Can you tell how the next umpteen years with this crew is gonna go?  LOL!    Needless to say, we were not going to know what happened from the interrogation.  And no one could explain how an iron that was pushed way to the back of a chest of drawers somehow made its way to falling on J’s head and the cord (which was retractable and inside the iron) being wrapped around clothes in a closet. 

We did find blood on the iron and a sleeping bag.  Not sure how that came in to play. 

J has still not given any straight answers.  Either he is dazed and confused from being smacked on the head with an iron, or they made a pact in the initial coverup phase when I suspect they were trying to fix his head themselves before shock wore off, pain set in, and way too much blood flowed for the disorderlies to handle. 

Happy New Year!  I hope your first day was not nearly as “exciting” as ours.