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I’m baaaacck . . . and sad July 29, 2008

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Thanks to those who were holding down a sista’s blog while she was gone.  : )

I was away last week and couldn’t get my computer to work right.  I missed my blog-peoples.  Unfortunately I came back to a horrible situation.  A wonderful friend went in to the hospital suddenly while I was gone and within barely 72 hours of being called that she was there, I received a call telling me she had died.  I still can’t believe it, no one can.  Health issues aside, you just don’t wanna see that coming.  There is a husband, children, family, friends, collegues.  Just legions of folks who loved her and now she is gone.

Call someone and tell them you love them today.

I will miss you Tee.  Kiss my angel for me.


A party fit for MY princess! February 26, 2008

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my-lawn.jpgA friend of ours decorated the lawn to welcome all to our baby ANTM’s party! 

look-at-me.jpg  Of course you have to check out ANTM’s crown. 

 set-up.jpg  This was the set up for the party in the sun room.  Basically they ate there and played EVERYWHERE ELSE!  LOL!  It pretty much ended up being where the parents hung out.

in-my-own-train.jpgmy-shushy-train.jpg  Staple Boy insisted on building ANTM a shushybye dream train (her theme was SHUSHYBYE Baby – a show on babyfirst TV).  She and a lifelong friend of mine’s daughter looked adorable in it.  I have a feeling that 16 years from now, they will be giving us the same look from the front seat of a car for different reasons.  LOL! 

my-bro-cuz-and-me.jpg   Statple boy, ANTM and special cousin T chillin after the guests leave.

my-cousin-takes-me-home.jpg  Special Cousin T aids ANTM in her grand exit after the festivities end.    Shushybye and Goodnight!


Why won’t she stay away from my underwear? February 9, 2008

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Why won’t she stay away from my underwear?!
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The Marriage Bubble, Single Friends, and other stuff . . . January 5, 2008

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This is my first utter.  it grew out of a great conversation I was having with Barrister.  Enjoy! 

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You know you’re too old to party when . . . December 28, 2007

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An ambulance needs to be called to take you to the hospital for your heart after coming down the soul train line! 

Ok, its official.  When I turn 40, my family, friends, etc. are taking a trip cause either we are too dayum old to party or there was a full moon Saturday night.   For real ya’ll.  (Ok, I sounded a little like Brittany there.  LOL!) 

Anywhoo . . .   Saturday I attended my girl’s 40th b-day party (shout out to R.H.H.). 

And it was a doozy.  As I mentioned before, I have been recuperating from a health situation myself, so since I wasn’t dancing like I normally would, I had an opportunity to do one of my favorite things, people watch and talk trash.  LOL!  About midway through the party, “Flashlight” starts playing, and you know what had to happen.   You guessed it, a Soul Train line.  So, the birthday girl leads off coming down the line doing a “Wop/Prep/Robot” combo.  The guests soon follow doing all the old school dances that have everybody hollering.  So down comes the heart patient, Freda Sanford (lets call her FS for short).  I remember thinking what kind of “Elizabeth I’m coming” nonsense is she doing.  At the end of the line where I was standing was a couch.  FS sits down and within a few seconds starts making ugly faces and clutching her chest.  One or two ladies start attending to her and looking for her purse.  (Of course, no one knows what the heck it looked like)  Meanwhile, I am thinking, “Oh here we go, a drama queen.”  The next thing I know someone calls 911.  Mind you, the party hasn’t stopped.  No men were paying attention and the birthday girl and others were still getting their part on.   A party guest just happened to be an MD, he was alerted and subsequently waited outside for the ambulance with her.  (Isn’t it wonderful how we have evolved as a people.  Someone can say is there a doctor in the house and one is actually there.  LOL!)  She goes away in an ambulance and is actually kept at the hospital.   

Other notables that suggest maybe the partying needs to stop:

***We did not notice that the husband of the birthday girl left.  He followed the ambulance to the hosp[ital.  ater when the party was ending and we noticed that he wasn’t there for cake cutting, etc.  He was contacted and we found out that he was trying to get back but a hostage situation outside of the hospital was preventing his return! 

***Earlier in the evening a nosy guest decided to check out the media room down the hall by walking in the room instead of just glancing in from the hall like everyone else.  She fell down the stairs into the room and busted her azz.  She laid there on the floor until another party guest found her while walking by on the way to the rest room. 

***And finally, another guest was late after leaving a wedding where the bride’s baby brother proposed to his baby momma on the dance floor during the reception.  (Gosh I hate it when people try to steal other people’s thunder.)  And that event was topped by two guests being held at gunpoint in the reception hall!   

Stop the madness . . . no more parties!!!!