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“Jungle Red” gets repainted by Hollywood circa 2008 . . . September 4, 2008

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and I am not sure I am happy about this.

For those of you who are fans, you already know I am talking about “The Woman.”  This is one of my all time favorite movies.  A classic Hollywood black and white full of big-shouldered broads and no men.  The original movie “The Women” was made in 1939 and starred Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell, and Joan Crawford as the tramp who stole Mary’s husband.  You could get the scoop on Mary’s business from the manicurist at the salon while she painted your nails “jungle red.”  LOL!   I love everything about it, the clothes, the cast, the dialogue that moves at a pace so rapid, you have no choice but to watch it twice just to understand them.  And of course the catty friends stirring up mess the whole time.

Several years ago a stage version that stuck true to the original, right down to the time period was done starring Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Tilly and the grand dame of Jennifer’s –  Jennifer Coolidge.  It was awesome. 

But this, I am just not sure.  They modernized it, they changed it to “fit the times.”  I am going to go see it because I just love the original, but I am not happy about it dammit!


Ignorant Clients and Bad Jail Love August 15, 2008

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WARNING!!!  If you have delicate ears, this may not be for you.  LOL!

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I am desperately friggin’ angry because . . . August 6, 2008

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A radio show I enjoy on Sirius was doing this tonight.  This is my list.  What’s yours?

A family member has a new foster child who was nearly starved to death by his mother.  I want to get a hold of her azz for 5 minutes, just 5.

You worked so hard to give everyone everything, now we don’t have you.

My peanut isn’t here.

My weeds are out of dang control.

Sharon Osbourne is hosting the next Charm School.  (Who am I kidding?  You know I am gonna watch anyway.)

Nick has gotten yet another Logan sister pregnant on the Bold and the Beautiful.

My belly is jelly.


I’m baaaacck . . . and sad July 29, 2008

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Thanks to those who were holding down a sista’s blog while she was gone.  : )

I was away last week and couldn’t get my computer to work right.  I missed my blog-peoples.  Unfortunately I came back to a horrible situation.  A wonderful friend went in to the hospital suddenly while I was gone and within barely 72 hours of being called that she was there, I received a call telling me she had died.  I still can’t believe it, no one can.  Health issues aside, you just don’t wanna see that coming.  There is a husband, children, family, friends, collegues.  Just legions of folks who loved her and now she is gone.

Call someone and tell them you love them today.

I will miss you Tee.  Kiss my angel for me.


Its foul as he!!, but I almost wish I had thought of it. . . July 18, 2008

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There is a site that I have heard advertised on satelite radio for a while now but until yesterday hadn’t checked out, that will help married/ “committed” people find others to hook up with!  It is a full-out “legit” pay for play service.  This mess is straight foul, but right about now a sista could use a potential big idea to make some extra $$.  These idiots (not just cause they are cheating but because they are paying $$ to find someone to do it with) are gonna do it whether I like it or not.  Now, once again, someone has scooped me on making money off of somethign people do every day but are willing to pay for the convenience of cutting out the leg work.  Once again, its foul as he!!, but I kinda wish I’d thought of it.


I never thought I would pay for this . . . January 30, 2008

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therapy.jpgPlay therapy.  A whole lot of money per hour for “play therapy”.  Okay, up the up side, staple boy thought it was awesome (his words) and maybe it will help with some of the struggles we have been having – school, home, etc.  On the down side, I am paying a whole lot of money for him to play video games and stuff to talk to someone most likely about how I screwed him up.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of therapy, I’m no Tom Cruise.  LOL!  But geeesh. 

Play therapy . . . lawdhamercy. 


This is for the Old TV Heads . . . January 24, 2008

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Angie and Jessie are back on All My Children?!!

Angie, ok I get it.  She never died or anything, she just kind of randomly shows up every 10 or 15 years.  But Jessie, didn’t we see him die twice!  Didn’t they bury his azz?!

Ok, all that said . . .  You know I am gonna watch it and I had pretty much given up on AMC.  I always have a relative idea of what’s going on, but its not on my must list.  I just kinda feel obligated to keep up because I was “boan and raized” on it.  I remember being like 5 or 6 and watching all of them just sitting around at the table drinking coffee.  That is pretty much all that happened.  They drank coffee, ate, someone slept with someone, Erica would do a photo shoot, someone would hate on her, the end.