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Toccara looses her mind on Celebrity Fit Club March 19, 2008

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What the heck is wrong with this girl?  If you are chunky and you like it that way, then why are you wasting people’s time on a weight loss show when they try to make you lose the weight!  I guess this is what happens when a plus-sized model with an overinflated ego and an underinflated career can’t eat.

On an unrelated note, wth was the black chick wearing ont he bachelor this week?  Why did she even go, they only keep the black person the first week or so  just so they won’t look racist and then they go home. 


I’m not sure, but you might want to end it all when . . . March 7, 2008

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Flavor Flav –

doesn’t want to kiss YOU because your breath stinks.

has you tested for herpes on television because he’s worried YOU might give HIM a disease.

kicks you off the show because YOU are too country?! 

(And this is just a description of three of the strippers, bottom dwellers, and reformed crack hoes on the show.  And don’t even get me started on the piranah teeth twins also known as Thing 1 and Thing 2.)

Dayum, I know this sounds insensitive, but you might want to end it all now because you couldn’t possibly have any lower rings of hell that you need to subject yourself to.  And the herpes chick has three kids!  And speaking of “Herpetia,” as I now affectionately call her, you know you are pathetic when the only response you have for a person saying you have “three kids by three different baby daddies and that you spend all of your time getting DNA tests” is “I have 3 kids by two baby daddies, not three. “


ANTM Makeovers – Good Lawd March 6, 2008

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Lawdhamercy, Tyra does it again.  Sure some of the girls needed help, but give me a break, you don’t let Tyra (who is badly in need of a makeover her damn self) determine their looks.  Some of these looks are the worst yet.

Shaving Claire’s head was ok, her facial structure could take it, but making her blond just destroyed her uniqueness and her ethnic appeal.  Grade C+   (She gets an A on the shave, but a D on the color)

Anya‘s blond hair is too much, its the color of ash. Grade D

Whitney (curvy girl) was given way too much hair.  It looks like a mop on her head.  she never looked big to me until the makeover.  She no longer looks voluptuous, she looks like a big trani now.  Grade F

Aimee was given a sort of long mod cut with red hair.  Not bad, not great, but not bad. Grade B-

Marvita was given a “horse-mane hair weave,” which Tyra said she has never seen before.  I wish we didn’t have to either.  Was the goal hear to accentuate Marvita’s horse-like features or to downplay them.  This is just . . .  What is the point?  I still can’t even figure out why she is even on the show.  Grade – F

Lauren is another one of Tyra’s ridiculous, we want to “pick a weird homely chick and make her fierce” “My Fair Lady/Pygmalion” experiments.  It never works, its dumb, and really just adds to the questioning of her already questionable credibility.  That being said, she had one of the best makeovers, just based on the hair.  Nothing can help that walk or the awkward everything else.  Grade – A

Katarzyna in my opinion needed the least amount of work, if at all.  Tyra’s makeover, turning her beautiful hazelnut tresses into a harsh, dark, witchlike mane, dimished her.  Grade – F  Shame on you Tyra!  Hater!

Fatima works my nerves generally.  But I go agree with Tyra that the hair color she came in with looked a mess.  (By the way, as much as Fatima works a nerve, she should have whupped Allison’s azz instead of trying to explain to her why being told your butt is bigger than someone else’s is does not entitle you to use a black barbie to explain to America that black women take it in the behind.)  And screw you Allison, Fatima might be dramatic, but getting a weave friggin hurts.  Not a bad move here.  Grade – A (While I am not sure how a long weave helps her to embrace her “east Africaness” as she pointed out, it does work for her generally.)

And in true poetic fashion, Allison was given one of the worst makeovers of the night when Tyra ordered that her pretty raven tresses be cut into a frunpy style and dyed a brassy auburn color.  It doesn’t suit her skin, it doesn’t suit her face, there is nothing about this look that is right on any level.  Grade – F

Dominique is the resident drag model.  Every season they have one and spend the whole season giving the girl crap about it, and this season its Dominique.  That beign said, her makeover, while not making me do cartwheels, actually softened her a bit. So its not all bad.  She has to wear it deconstructed though.  Based on how it looked when she had it combed smooth for her interview, its not a great cut really and looks to dark when smoothed out.  So from week to week, styling is going to be really critical for her, which kind of lowers the grade a bit.  Grade – B

Stacy-ann has a really interesting face.  I would have liked Tyra to give her the hair that she gave Eugena a couple of seasons ago.  This hair is AWFUL.  It looks a mess on so many levels.  Grade F

Amis is a mess.  The old hair was a mess, the new hair isn’t much better.  There is nothing interesting or standout about this girl.  Even the fact that she is the resident class clown wanabe is more annoying than fun.  By the way, leading with your Jay Leno chin . . . not a good luck.  Grade – D

Miz J. is a wonderful hot mess in general.  What can I say . . . You better work.