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Big Brother is back! Discuss BB10 with JDen July 15, 2008

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Ok, so its only been a few days, but what do you all think so far?  From what I can tell on the feeds, the old cuz (Jerry) already has some drama going on.  it seems that his initial alliance with the other dood has already fallen apart.  What do you think of Libra (the black woman who has to let you know in her every intro that she is raising Jenny and Allan Willis – for those of you who get that reference you’re my kind of people)?  Do you think she stands a chance or will her whole “I am a diva thing” that she bragged about on the pre-BB10 commercials creeps out and be her undoing in the face of the inevitable alliances between the young cool guys and the best friend clique of the bikini brigade?  What about Roid Rage guy and Dale Gribble’s dad (again, if you get that reference you are DEFINITELY my peeps)?  Is the hagged out hair dresser from New Orleans even worthy of discussion?


Ok, just read some stuff based on the feeds.  Drama jumped off between Michelle, Angie, Libra, and Jerry.  Brian and Dan are definitely doing some major scheming and one of their targets for nomination if Jerry will use the POV to do it, is to save Brian and put up somebody like Libra.  If not, they are going to try to get a tie vote and hope they can sway the house as the drama fester between Michelle, Libra, Angie and Jerry today.  Old man Jerry won HoH and POV.  Go on “old cuz “!(that will be his name for the purposes of my blog).