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A party fit for MY princess! February 26, 2008

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my-lawn.jpgA friend of ours decorated the lawn to welcome all to our baby ANTM’s party! 

look-at-me.jpg  Of course you have to check out ANTM’s crown. 

 set-up.jpg  This was the set up for the party in the sun room.  Basically they ate there and played EVERYWHERE ELSE!  LOL!  It pretty much ended up being where the parents hung out.

in-my-own-train.jpgmy-shushy-train.jpg  Staple Boy insisted on building ANTM a shushybye dream train (her theme was SHUSHYBYE Baby – a show on babyfirst TV).  She and a lifelong friend of mine’s daughter looked adorable in it.  I have a feeling that 16 years from now, they will be giving us the same look from the front seat of a car for different reasons.  LOL! 

my-bro-cuz-and-me.jpg   Statple boy, ANTM and special cousin T chillin after the guests leave.

my-cousin-takes-me-home.jpg  Special Cousin T aids ANTM in her grand exit after the festivities end.    Shushybye and Goodnight!


I never thought I would pay for this . . . January 30, 2008

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therapy.jpgPlay therapy.  A whole lot of money per hour for “play therapy”.  Okay, up the up side, staple boy thought it was awesome (his words) and maybe it will help with some of the struggles we have been having – school, home, etc.  On the down side, I am paying a whole lot of money for him to play video games and stuff to talk to someone most likely about how I screwed him up.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of therapy, I’m no Tom Cruise.  LOL!  But geeesh. 

Play therapy . . . lawdhamercy.