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I’m awake! October 17, 2014

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I suppose its not necessary for me to say that I’m literally awake because, hello, its 1:38 a.m.

I guess part of it is that I am waking up this blog.  Something that I have been wanting to do for so long but haven’t done.  I’m not even sure why really.  Lord knows I have something to say about darn near everything all the time.  But at a certain point, I just stopped saying it.  Sure, I give endless commentaries about award shows and pop culture of Facebook and the umpteen twitter pages I run.  But THIS page is my house.  And its time I take it back (my life and the page),

Don’t be afraid, I will still talk about the profoundly stupid that we all enjoy.  But i also look forward to sharing my original works as I move every closer to my goal of becoming a published author.  (Or Authoress as Maya used to say on the TV Show “Girlfriends” – for some reason I always though that was cute, despite Golden Brooks’ questionable acting.)

So, if you are down for a trip, join me for the one that is My Life.  And if you are new to this blog, enjoy the posts of the past.  The ones about my mother-in-law and “the marriage bubble” are classic if I do say so myself.

Talk to you soon,



I’m baaaacck …… July 13, 2009

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Ok, so its been darn near a year since my last post.  I am embarassed that the last one was about Clay Aiken being gay.  I mean let’s face it, that post could have just as easily been from September 23, 2004 instead of 2008.

My latest annoying inspiration (besides my adoring fans…NOT, LOL!):



 According to New York’s Page Six column, Jamie Foxx upset Rihanna with a bunch of jokes in a Las Vegas club. Jamie was reportedly a host a club     and asked Rihanna to get on the stage and she refused to do this. The comic then commanded the DJ to play “Umbrella,” an he continued to joke on her. “You can’t leave while your song is playing,” Jamie reportedly said as she left. Witnesses said Rihanna did indeed say for a few, then sleeked out of the club furious.



            Seriously?  For real?  The headline should be, “Silly Starlet Takes Herself  Waaaaay Too Seriously.”  Remember sweeties, there is a big   difference between being famous because you are talented or by some discernable measure extraordinary vs. being famous well . . . because you are famous. Call me in 15 years and let me know if anyone is building entire theaters in Vegas devoted to you and your “umbrella, ella, ella”, and I will go with you to tell Mr. Foxx to take his Oscar and shove it. 
I’ll be waiting . . .

Rudy got married on TV! August 6, 2008

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Ok, so her real name is Keisha Knight-Pulliam and its on House of Pain.  And sure, her character’s name is Miranda.  But Rudy got married ya’ll.


Some people just don’t have family . . . July 14, 2008

who will tell them when they need to sit down somewhere.  Yesterday, I had one of the greatest afternoons of people watching, a reality show maven like myself could ask for.  The America’s Next Top Model auditions hit Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, VA.  The event was hosted by the CW, of course, and “DC Celeb” (all of his info described him that way, not me) Paul Wharton.

As soon as I heard about this event, I made plans to attend with my little Naomi in training (for real ya’ll, she only likes posed pictures alone and she has been known to slap a mofo with a cellphone). 

A friend of mine rolled to the mall with us and can I say, the event DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  We got there in time for the second hour and a half.  Mr. “Justine Guarini hair in jazz pants” was all-a-flutter and giving instructions.  Each girl had to walk the “catwalk,” give her name, her age, height (minimum was supposed to be 5’7”), and some other little nugget if they chose.  Based on how most of them were even dressed I couldn’t figure out if most of them have even seen the show.  Flowy outfits, baggy jeans, club dresses, sneakers, and hair in the face was just the beginning.  They also were various grades of mis-shaped, not fitting into traditional model size or plus-sized, too short and sometimes a bit too too.  There were women who might be men (and not in a good way), folks with skin so bad you could see it from 30 people deep.  I mean I don’t even know if make-up could help like 2-3 of these women, they might have been burn victims.  And no, I don’t feel bad talking about them.  They were willing to be on TV for public consumption and ridicule (not to mention Tyra’s foolishness), I just happened to catch them parading their delusions at the mall.  There were maybe two girls who got up there making statements about showing the world you don’t have to be a whore or look slutty or whatever.  Have you seen the show?  Have you seen the naked challenge they do every season, sometimes twice?  If hell froze over, the sun exploded, and pigs started flying past your butt and you became a model, what the he!! do you think you will be wearing?  I could go on . . .

At the end of the day I have to ask myself:  Who’s fault is it that these girls think they are models.  They were not all amish girls on rumspringa who have never seen TV or magazines and don’t know what the generally accepted standards are.  I am not saying the generally accepted standards of American beauty aren’t problematic, especially given that I am an African American woman, but that is a discussion for another day.  Sure, Tyra definitely makes some questionable choices.  Her whole last season was one big question mark, right down to the winner.  I’m not hatin’ on the big girls, I just don’t think Whitney was the one to hang her hat on making a statement in that department.  Have we allowed our children to become so narcissistic that they don’t know when to sit down somewhere.  Have too many guys trying to get some azz told these girls, “you should be a model.”  I mean dayum, I am all for pumping yourself up, cause if you don’t do it, someone else might not either.  I love me some me too, but I also know when my behind needs to sit down some dayum where.


OK, I know I am foul . . . April 12, 2008

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forgive me, my fellow blogophiles.  My life has been on one speed lately . . . CRAZY! 

Every day has been a series of, if I can just get through one more day.  I have been still catching all of my shows of course, courtesy of TIVO, but have not had extra time to blog about them or any of the million other things I have opinions about lately.

I will do better . . . I promise!


Is your candidate really YOUR candidate? January 12, 2008

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The following link was forwarded to me.  Its a program that asks you questiosn regarding several key issues in the upcoming presidential election.  After answering them, the program lines up your answers with the candidates and gives you results based on who your views most closely align with.  It yields some pretty interesting results and perhaps may even make you take a look at who you are supporting in relation to who your views REALLY line up with.  It only takes a few seconds.  My results were: 1. Dodd  & Hillary (tie), 2. Obama, 3. Kucinich and Biden (another tie), 4. Gravel (who the heck?), and 5. Edwards.  They were all fairly close.

Here is the link:


CSI New Years Update: Staple Boy Speaks! January 2, 2008

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And what he has to say isn’t worth the staples in his head!

He is not sure where the iron came from, why it was there, etc.  All he knows is that he head a loud noise and the loud noise turned out to be the iron hitting his head.  Must have been the echo from the cavernous space where his brain is supposed to be. 

He claims that the two older ones decided to play some kind of spy game and they decided to play in the younger one’s room (the crime scene).  After TELLING the younger one what they were going to play, he bent over “near the closet, not in it” to get “something”.  And out of the blue . . . whammo, loud noise, iron to the head.  Nevermind the fact that the iron started out nowhere near the possible crime scene and the cord was wrapped around clothes in the closet post inicident. 

This one might officially go down as unsolved folks.  I mean look what I am working with, you have read the stories of the other two, and this one speaks of an iron hitting his head as if it happened to someone else and only afterwards him discovering it was him!  And still, no indication as to how the iron ended up in the situation at all and the closet part of the story is an even bigger mystery today.