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I’m awake! October 17, 2014

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I suppose its not necessary for me to say that I’m literally awake because, hello, its 1:38 a.m.

I guess part of it is that I am waking up this blog.  Something that I have been wanting to do for so long but haven’t done.  I’m not even sure why really.  Lord knows I have something to say about darn near everything all the time.  But at a certain point, I just stopped saying it.  Sure, I give endless commentaries about award shows and pop culture of Facebook and the umpteen twitter pages I run.  But THIS page is my house.  And its time I take it back (my life and the page),

Don’t be afraid, I will still talk about the profoundly stupid that we all enjoy.  But i also look forward to sharing my original works as I move every closer to my goal of becoming a published author.  (Or Authoress as Maya used to say on the TV Show “Girlfriends” – for some reason I always though that was cute, despite Golden Brooks’ questionable acting.)

So, if you are down for a trip, join me for the one that is My Life.  And if you are new to this blog, enjoy the posts of the past.  The ones about my mother-in-law and “the marriage bubble” are classic if I do say so myself.

Talk to you soon,



I’m baaaacck …… July 13, 2009

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Ok, so its been darn near a year since my last post.  I am embarassed that the last one was about Clay Aiken being gay.  I mean let’s face it, that post could have just as easily been from September 23, 2004 instead of 2008.

My latest annoying inspiration (besides my adoring fans…NOT, LOL!):



 According to New York’s Page Six column, Jamie Foxx upset Rihanna with a bunch of jokes in a Las Vegas club. Jamie was reportedly a host a club     and asked Rihanna to get on the stage and she refused to do this. The comic then commanded the DJ to play “Umbrella,” an he continued to joke on her. “You can’t leave while your song is playing,” Jamie reportedly said as she left. Witnesses said Rihanna did indeed say for a few, then sleeked out of the club furious.



            Seriously?  For real?  The headline should be, “Silly Starlet Takes Herself  Waaaaay Too Seriously.”  Remember sweeties, there is a big   difference between being famous because you are talented or by some discernable measure extraordinary vs. being famous well . . . because you are famous. Call me in 15 years and let me know if anyone is building entire theaters in Vegas devoted to you and your “umbrella, ella, ella”, and I will go with you to tell Mr. Foxx to take his Oscar and shove it. 
I’ll be waiting . . .

Clay Aiken Confirms He’s Gay . . . September 23, 2008

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DUH!!!!  See what happens when your career is faltering.  You start fathering babies with old chicks and “admiting” the obvious.

It would be hard to come out in a more public way than new dad Clay Aiken has chosen to.

Clay Aiken is finally confirming what many people already knew: He’s gay.

The cover of the latest People magazine shows Aiken holding his infant son, Parker Foster Aiken, with the headline: “Yes, I’m Gay.” The cover also has the quote: “I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things.”

The magazine has an interview with Aiken and confirmed that he was on the cover but refused to release the article to The Associated Press until Wednesday.

The baby’s mother is Aiken’s friend and record producer Jaymes Foster.

Aiken, who gained fame as the runner-up on “American Idol” in 2003, rarely addressed the frequent rumors about his sexuality. In an interview with The Associated Press two years ago, he said: “I don’t really feel like I have anybody to answer to but myself and God and the people I love.”

The multiplatinum singer recently released the CD “On My Way Here” and made his Broadway debut this spring in “Monty Python’s Spamalot.”

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ANTM Cycle 10 . . . September 10, 2008

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is not getting better with time.  LOL!


Here’s my view of the top 13:

Isis – Deep fried hot mess on a stick.  Of course you have issues with her face Miss J . . . “She’s a dude.”    I have no problem with her being a dude if she was hot.  But she is not.  So whatever point Tyra is trying to prove is loss in the sauce with this one.   I’ve seen better on Maury.


Analeigh – She’s aight in a “I work at Sonic”  kind of way.


Samantha – Hooters girl.


Hannah – Did she present herself in a way that legitimately caused others to view her as prejudiced?  Of course she did.  Did she pull the typical move that every white girl I have ever encountered that made prejudice remarks pull?  The crying, “OMG, they are horrible for thinking that of me,” move.  Of course she did and of course that discussion took place with other white women who don’t get it because it doesn’t effect them.  (Ok JDen, pull-up you are having flashbacks to being one of only a handful of black girls in your high school and living in college dorms where you were also one of few.)  Stepping off soap box.  I don’t find her very interesting to look at. 



Nakeisha – Ok, now come on.  I thought the big wannabe Grace Jones lookin’ chick with the bad teeth (Marveta maybe) from a couple of seasons ago was bad, but this girl is  . . . seriously. 


Lauren – I find her look weird.  They think she’s hot, guess we’ll be seeing her around for a while.


Niki – I love that comment, “Love child of Poisin Ivy and the Joker.”  So true.


Clark – Face is very angular. 


Marjorie – Just weird.  I guess her picture was cool.


Elina – One of my faves.  She does favor Angelina Jolie in her picks.


Sheena – The hoochie thing is just funny.  The whole fake boob thing – even funnier.


Brittany – She’s beautiful.  Not sure if she is gonna stick around.  Tyra doesn’t seem to like the pretty ones.  I mean the woman actually said she has proven she can make a million $ a year doing catalogs but not top model.  WTF!  That’s probably more than every contestant in every cycle combined.  None of them become TOP models.  Again, she has issues with the pretty ones.


Joslyn – Very attractive as well.  The weird baby talking is aggravating.


Overall favorites: Elina and Brittany.


You know you want it . . . September 8, 2008

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My America’s Next Top Model contestant new season review!  I will post it asap.  I am writing it as we speak.  I started out speechless looking at this latest batch of  . . .  well, you’ll see.  Stay tuned.


“Jungle Red” gets repainted by Hollywood circa 2008 . . . September 4, 2008

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and I am not sure I am happy about this.

For those of you who are fans, you already know I am talking about “The Woman.”  This is one of my all time favorite movies.  A classic Hollywood black and white full of big-shouldered broads and no men.  The original movie “The Women” was made in 1939 and starred Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell, and Joan Crawford as the tramp who stole Mary’s husband.  You could get the scoop on Mary’s business from the manicurist at the salon while she painted your nails “jungle red.”  LOL!   I love everything about it, the clothes, the cast, the dialogue that moves at a pace so rapid, you have no choice but to watch it twice just to understand them.  And of course the catty friends stirring up mess the whole time.

Several years ago a stage version that stuck true to the original, right down to the time period was done starring Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Tilly and the grand dame of Jennifer’s –  Jennifer Coolidge.  It was awesome. 

But this, I am just not sure.  They modernized it, they changed it to “fit the times.”  I am going to go see it because I just love the original, but I am not happy about it dammit!


“Stop Emailing Me Shaq!” Da Brat Goes to Prison! Say it Ain’t So! August 27, 2008

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Alexis Miller, an Atlanta hip-hop artist who goes by MaryJane, just got a restraining order against Shaquille O’Neal, alleging he threatened to hurt her and harassed her with heavy-breathing over the phone.

The docs claim following their break-up last month, Shaq “threatened to ‘blackball” [her] from the recording industry by paying established artists….$50,000 each for their agreement to refuse to perform or record with her in the future…”

According to court docs Shaq wrote her one email that reads, “I dnt no who the fuk u think u dealin wit u will neva be heard from one phone call is all I gotta make no try me. Sho me.”

The docs also allege Shaq sent her “an unsolicited vulgar and offensive illustration of a man physically restraining a woman while forcing her to engage in sexual intercourse with him.”

O’Neal is scheduled to appear before a judge on Sept. 4.

What the hell?  I am just mad at him for the grammar. 


Da Brat got 3 years in prison, 7 years probation, 200 hours community service, substance abuse treatment, a mental health evaluation, and anger management for hitting a falcons cheerleader in the head with a half-full bottle of rum. 

Dayum when they were making the deal, didn’t the prosecution consider that the bottle was half-empty?  Harvey must be so disappointed.  (I’m shaking my  head sadly.)